Katie lmao but larry is real i guess


ur 1d bae(s) according to ur zodiac sign


  • aries: harry
  • taurus: niall, liam, zayn, louis
  • gemini: harry
  • cancer: niall, liam
  • leo: harry
  • virgo: zayn, louis
  • libra: harry
  • scorpio: niall, liam, zayn, louis
  • sagittarius: harry
  • capricorn: niall, liam
  • aquarius: harry
  • pisces: zayn, louis

***this is just sun sign compatibility based on elements and sextile signs; italicized signs are traditionally the best matches

@5SOS When he surprise facetimes me

Louis seems to agree with the audience Niall is hilarious/adorable


9 funny things Michael has said


Knowing Zayn he was probably like,”Nah I’m good, I’ll just donate”

ASL Ice Bucket Challenge x